Corporate Training

Managing a project in a changing environment and with limited resources is challenging and the orgainsation's success is accessed by the performance of your staff. therefore this course aims to provide delegates with the right skills they need to manage projects successfully.

We are aware of the challenges facing Businesses in the present unstable economy that is why we present the training affordable applying the best tools.
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Coaching and Mentoring Training
Managing people change is a critical skill in today's world of rapid and continuous change whilst managing business processes will give your organization or individual an edge in an ever competing world. 
This course is designed to provide delegates with skills and tools to improve business processes and manage change within an organisation in a changing environment where technology, policies and economic growth is unpredictable. 
The course will empower Delegates on how to use basic principles of Lean, conduct gap analysis and assess organization readiness for change.
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We try and help you develop your mentoring skill
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